Harmony Gardening CIC is an innovative regenerative growing project for North London. Founding members of Harmony Gardening CIC Robert Samuda and Martin Burrows have a years of experience bringing community projects to life. Notably, they built and managed Harmony Community Gardens Project between 2007 and 2017. A short BBC film was made about the project and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz8fg3zS4qQ

 Martin and Robert’s projects was features in the Telegraph when they won a National award for “Gardening Against the Odds”. The article can be found here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/gardenprojects/10452912/Gardening-Against-the-Odds-2013-the-winners-in-full.html

 Another notable project that Martin and Robert ran is EatN17. EatN17 was an edible food growing, community lunch and social project for local disadvantaged and isolated people to meet, cook and eat healthily. Here Martin and Robert taught how to set up productive organic gardens in small spaces using recycled materials; how to grow, prepare, cook and share their own organically grown, freshly picked produce - and most importantly how to be more environmentally conscious in their everyday lives.

We have also been involved in facilitating other community garden projects in this North London area. But as many people around here still have little or no access to a garden - and also do not have the knowledge or the expertise required to achieve growing success, we are now continuing this work with a new  project: Tottenham Community Bee Garden.

 This Community Garden Project will continue working with disadvantaged people, especially families in difficulty or those in temporary accommodation with little or no access to a garden.  Members of this project can connect with others in similar situations – as well sourcing help and advice at the Project.  

 Longer term this community project aims to expand and encourage local people to make the best use of their local land and any available local growing space. We will show that everyone can learn to grow, cultivate and produce their own healthy, fresh food in harmony with the earth, nature and the planet.

 Harmony Gardening CIC is based in Creighton Road Allotments. There, Robert and Martin share their knowledge, labour, the various skills and, of course, the produce among participants. We will teach skills in:

 -          The organic growing of fruit, vegetables herbs and flowers; 

 -          Regenerative horticulture, garden design and construction;

 -          Cooking, preserving and freezing our produce for future use;

 -          The use of herbs, plants and fresh grown fruit and vegetables as part of a low cost healthy diet.

 If you would like to attend one of these workshops and or visit the allotment please contact Martin or Robert using the contact information below:

 Martin Burrows – 07831 219032 – harmonygardeningCIC@gmail.com

 Robert Samuda – 07950 866529 – rockstonegardeners@gmail.com