We are located a 5 minute walk west from the White Hart Lane Overground station. Make your way down White Hart Lane and then Creighton Road until you reach the entrance to the allotments located between 61 and 63 Creighton Road. There you should find a sign saying Creighton Road Allotments. 

Make your way down the road into the allotments until you reach the small parking lot/communal open area. From here, you can make your way to one of our 3 plots: North, West or South. 

North plot: at the end of the road and while facing the parking lot, take the path to the right and follow it until the end. Turn right and the plot before you is the North plot.

West plot: at the end of the road and while facing the parking lot, go through the gate to the left of the plot straight in front of you. Here you will find our West plot with its politunnel, compost bins, raised beds and bathroom. 

South plot: take the last turn to the left before reaching the parking lot. head all the way down and you will find our South plot. 

Although we try to spend as much time as possible at the allotment, we are not always there. For this reason it is best to give us a call beforehand:

Martin Burrows – 07831 219032

Robert Samuda – 07950 866529

Google Maps Directions to the entrance: https://maps.app.goo.gl/AqLAqhZ7jdmCqDwJ9

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